How to Swap on Swap V3?

You will know how to Swap through it.

To swap tokens on ICPSwap follow these steps:

  1. Open ICPSwap app and connect your wallet. (Select the wallet you wish, for example Plug)

  1. Enter Swap V3, search for and select the token you wish to swap. You can search token name or canister ID.

  1. Enter the amount you would like to swap, receive, or click the “Max” option.

"Max" which means your account’s current token balance.

  1. Select "Swap".

  1. Review the swap details, and then select "Confirm Swap".

NOTE: If you use a wallet such as Plug, during the transaction process, you’ll need to approve the token in order to trade it.

  1. You will see “Swapped successfully” on screen when the transaction is successfully completed.

  1. If you have network reasons or have turned off the wallet pop-up due to mistakes, causing the Swap transaction to fail, please click "Unreceived tokens after swap? " on the page, find the tokens stored in the Swap Pools canister, and then claim them.

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