Native Token of ICPSwap

ICPSwap Token (ICS) is an ecosystem token of ICPSwap as well as its governance token, with a total issuance of 1 billion. With ICPSwap's flexible, diverse, and business incentive mining applications as well as governance scenarios, each ICS embeds itself in the entire ICPSwap ecosystem. ICS will eventually capture the value of the whole ICPSwap ecosystem by creating a perfect deflationary model through continuous repurchase and burn.

  • Ticker: ICS

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

ICS Properties and Application Scenarios

As ICPSwap’s platform governance token, ICS reflects the value of the entire ICPSwap ecosystem.

ICS will have the following application scenarios:

  • All handling fees on ICPSwap will be under the governance of ICS. And these fees will be used to repurchase and burn ICS.

  • ICS holders will use their ICS to initiate proposals and participate in governance voting.

  • ICS will also provide application services for, among others, Mint Token, Token List, Create Pools, Add Liquidity, Swap, Create a Community, and Buy Ads.

  • Access to Candy airdrop from the DFINITY ecosystem projects.

  • May be used to offset trading fees (decided by community voting).

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