Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A new form of organization, a DAO – short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization - encodes the iterative management practices and operation rules (aka consensus) of an organization onto the blockchain through smart contracts step by step. In this way, DAO facilitates automatic operation, governance, and evolution for an organization through an intelligent management system and token incentives and without interference from a third party, thereby introducing more organizational transparency and fairness.

To help developers improve the privacy, publicity, and security of projects, ignite users’ enthusiasm, enable developers to operate projects better through decentralized modes, and favor users participating in the project or the DAO management of an organization, ICPSwap will launch the DAO Governance Service after providing the Finance and Market Services for the developers and the users.

Based on the usual model of a DAO, ICPSwap divides the DAO Governance Service mainly into four modules: the DAO Governance Committee, the Proposal Implementation, the Dispute Arbitration, and the Token Incentives.

Each project in the DAO framework of ICPSwap will not only possess an independent DAO page but also display the custom tools of DAO smart contracts offered by ICPSwap, which will help the developers customize DAO smart contracts for their own development needs and implement the community DAO Governance Mechanism at lower costs and higher speed.

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