How to Use Farm to Earn Rewards?

How to stake

  1. Open the Farm page, select the live position you want to stake.

  1. Select the position you want to stake, select "Stake", and then select "Confirm". If you have't added liquidity position yet, click here to get one(How to add liquidity position?)

  1. Staked successfully.

Note: The data for APR, Your APR, Total Value Staked, and Reward Token is updated every 30 minutes.

How to unstake

  1. Locate the "Your Farms" option and select the position you want to unstake.

  1. Select "Unstake", and then select "Confirm".

  1. Unstaked successfully.

Note: You can unstake your position anytime and receive the rewards directly in your wallet.

How to reclaim

  1. If you encounter a failure during staking or unstaking, you can use the reclaim function to retrieve and reclaim your tokens.

  1. Withdraw successfully.

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