How to add a token to the Token List?

Hello, IC project team,

Regarding Token List:

Please submit a Motion proposal on ICPSwap SNS. (You can submit proposals via Openchat ). Once the proposal is adopted, the ICPSwap team will add the project's token to the token list. This process will be automated in the future, similar to adding tokens on OpenChat.

Regarding the Motion proposal, these are what the ICPSwap team values:

  1. The project should include an introduction, project Twitter, project website, and project community groups (Telegram, Discord, OpenChat, etc.). The more detailed information, including GitHub, the better. This helps the community understand the project.

  2. It's preferable for the token to use the ICRC token standard introduced by DFINITY ( If using tokens minted with other code, please provide a way to query token all transfer records. This means that in case of issues with token transactions or withdrawals due to exhausted with the index or token canister cycles, the ICPSwap team can respond and handle them promptly.

  3. The token has been trading steadily for more than 3 days, indicating that the token does not have features such as the buy-only not sell feature, which could harm the community.


  1. The token is already listed on CoinGecko or other cryptocurrency market data websites.

  2. Part of the token liquidity is either burned by transferring to a burn address or locked using liquidity-locking solutions supported by @icsneed team. This is to increase the cost of Rug and protect the community.

Thank you so much for working together to build a better IC ecosystem!

The ICPSwap team's Devs neurons will vote based on the highest number of community votes as the proposal nears its end.

P.S. On ICPSwap, it's possible to create liquidity pools and initiate trading for any token.

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