How to import Token into ICPSwap?

ICPSwap supports EXT and DIP20 token standard tokens, you can import them into ICPSwap!

  1. Open “ICPSwap - Wallet”, and click "Add Token".

  1. Select "Import Token", select the token standard of the Token and enter the Token Canister ID.

For example, the OGY token, its token standard is DIP20, and the Token Canister ID is "rd6wb-lyaaa-aaaaj-acvla-cai".

  1. Read "Risk Warning", select Checkmark and then click "Confirm" .

  1. After the import is successful, you can transfer tokens in the "Wallet". But,

  • Tokens of the EXT token standard currently only support Account ID.

  • Tokens of the DIP20 token standard currently only support Principal ID.

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