ICPSwap Roadmap (Updated for 2023 and 2024)

You can get a preliminary understanding of our project progress through the roadmap.

So, the overall roadmap is:

Q2 2021

● Build the team

● Complete product design

● Organize project events

● Build the/a community

● Redesign the official website

Q3 2021

● Deploy ICPSwap Beta 1.0 for public testing

● Secure the seed round & strategic round of fundraising

● Release White Paper 1.0 and One-pager 1.0

Q4 2021

● Requite the early community supporters

● Launch the public testing of NFT Marketplace in the community

● Launch the public testing of Pools in the community

● Launch the public testing of the trading & mining in the community

Q1 2022

● Launch ICPSwap 1.0 and liquidity mining

● Optimize the function of setting various custom parameters of ICPSwap

● Complete the code audit of ICPSwap 1.0

Q2 2022

● Launch the ecosystem integration program

● Eco-cooperation and marketing activities

● Commence the public testing of the DAO Governance Module Conduct officially

● Launch the ICS-burning plan

Q3 2022

● Complete ICPSwap 2.0 code audit and launch it

● Conduct all-round ICPSwap DAO Governance

● Deploy NFT innovative features and testing

● Introduce Chain key cross-chain innovation functions

● Launch the ecosystem developer funding plan

Q4 2022

● Launch NFT innovation functions

● Expand the ICPSwap ecosystem

● Explore the possibility of providing financial and market services cross-chain

● Conduct all-round DAO Governance of other projects

ICPSwap 2023 & 2024 Roadmap (Updated April 2023)

● Launch Farms V3 and Staking Pools V2

● List ckBTC and use it as the underlying asset

● Provide DeFi services for ck-tokens such as ckBTC and ckETH

● Create SNS-DAO beta version - SNS Private, issue ICPSwap SNS-DAO beta version

● List SNS tokens for ecosystem projects

● Develop the official version of ICPSwap SNS-DAO

● Enable the swapping of standard tokens from different projects within the IC ecosystem, including the implementation of the exchange function

● Iteratively optimize ICPSwap DApp: UI/UX improvements, bug fixes, new product introductions, and product upgrades

● Apply Chain Key technology and its extensions

● Initiate ICPSwap Plus program, collaborating with IC ecosystem projects

● Make APIs for Swap, Staking Pool, and Farms open-source and available for use

● Implement ICPSwap SNS-DAO automated governance

● Develop new trading protocols

● Introduce ICS Tokenomics V2

● Issue ICS tokens

● List ICS Tokens on CEXes

● Add Limit Order Function

● Conduct platform code audit

● Launchpad for ckBTC, the code is completely open-source

● Introduction of ckETH test token and testing of Swap transactions with it

● Iterative improvements to the Info feature v2

● ICPSwap platform code is currently under review and preparation for open-sourcing.

Crypto moves quickly, and we adapt just as quickly. Embracing change is part of our philosophy. Consequently, we avoid making specific timelines!

This approach allows us to adjust our development and product priorities based on market fluctuations and developer producing resources, ens focus and roadmap implementation can be advanced or postponed as necessary!

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