You can get a preliminary understanding of our project progress through the roadmap.

July 2021

  • Launch ICPSwap BETA 1.0 for Community Preview, mainly including the functions of Wallet, Mint Token, and Token List
  • Provide an original proposal for the Token standard that conforms to the feature of the Internet Computer
  • Provide Token-standard community experience
  • Release One-pager 1.0

August & September 2021

  • Release White Paper Beta 1.0
  • Launch the public testing of ICPSwap BETA 2.0 including mainly the functions of Liquidity, Swap, and Chat
  • Develop the MOR protocols on the Internet Computer
  • Implement the public testing of the token trading in the community

So, the overall roadmap is:

Q2 2021

  • Build the team
  • Complete product design
  • Organize project events
  • Build the/a community
  • Redesign the official website

Q3 2021

  • Deploy ICPSwap Beta 1.0 for public testing
  • Secure the seed round & strategic round of fundraising
  • Release White Paper 1.0 and One-pager 1.0

Q4 2021

  • Requite the early community supporters
  • Launch the public testing of NFT Marketplace in the community
  • Launch the public testing of Pools in the community
  • Launch the public testing of the trading & mining in the community

Q1 2022

  • Complete the public sale
  • Issue ICS tokens
  • List ICS
  • Optimize the function of setting various custom parameters of ICPSwap
  • Complete the code audit of ICPSwap 1.0

Q2 2022

  • Launch the ecosystem integration program
  • Launch ICPSwap 1.0 and liquidity mining
  • Eco-cooperation and marketing activities
  • Commence the public testing of the DAO Governance Module Conduct officially
  • Launch the ICS-burning plan

Q3 2022

  • Complete ICPSwap 2.0 code audit and launch it
  • Conduct all-round ICPSwap DAO Governance
  • Deploy NFT innovative features and testing
  • Introduce Chain key cross-chain innovation functions
  • Launch the ecosystem developer funding plan

Q4 2022

  • Launch NFT innovation functions
  • Expand the ICPSwap ecosystem
  • Explore the possibility of providing financial and market services cross-chain
  • Conduct all-round DAO Governance of other projects