One-click Create a Community and Chat

ICPSwap Chat, the one-click Create a Community feature, does not use or rely on centralized servers. So all the data is stored on the user’s device securely. Hence there are such issues as privacy breaches and data security.

Project owners and users can create token communities without relying on any third party in the Chat Module. For each token with created liquidity, a corresponding community can be customized under “the balance of the token-holders” or “token-holders or not”. Thereupon, ICPSwap will automatically assign the token-holders to each community per the corresponding token, thus significantly reducing the cost of community promotion and management.

As a result, the project parties no longer need to use third-party communities such as Telegram or WeChat to manage community members. Such protects them from the risk of centralized control by third-party platforms and provides greater freedom to maintain users and achieve rapid marketing. There are also no risks of centralized data or privacy breaches to users.

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