How to participate in the Launchpad?

Step 1

Enter the ICPSwap Beta 3.0:

Click "Test Faucet"

Step 2

1) Click "Swap & Liquidity" after the Claim is successful—swap icBTC to WICP.

2) Swap process: Click the conversion arrow and select a token. Select icBTC and enter the amount to exchange. After the Swap is successful, you can go to participate in Launchpad.

Step 3

Click on "Launchpad" and find the project you want to participate in.

Note: Love is for display only and has no real value. Please select the project correctly according to the situation when participating in Launchpad.

Step 4

Click "More" for more information.

Step 5

After confirming that the project information is correct, click "Deposit".

Step 6

Enter "WICP number" and "Password to Deposit", and click "Confirm".

Step 7

After the deposit is successful, you can check the "Deposit WICP Amount" and "Deposit Percentage" that you have deposited.

Step 8

After the Launchpad process of the project is over, you can check the distribution amount of Love you have obtained, and receive Love tokens by clicking “Claim”.

Note: All the data in the document is just an example. Please refer to the actual one.

Step 9

Switch to "Wallet" and click "Add Token" to check the token amount in your Launchpad.

Note: If the Launchpad pool is whitelisted, only addresses on the whitelist are allowed to participate.

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