NFT Trading Innovation of Non-fungible Tokensand Auction Mining

Innovation of Non-fungible Tokens

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a hot button in the blockchain field in 2021 due to the characteristic of such tokens having unique identities that can correspond to different values or assets.

ICPSwap explores the exchange and innovation of NFTs on blockchains. At the initial stage, ICPSwap mainly focuses on NFT exchange, production, and auction mining, and combines NFT+DAO autonomy to empower more application scenarios, thus providing the icing on the cake for more diversified value in the future ICPSwap ecosystem.NFT Trading and Auction Mining

NFT Trading and Auction Mining

The mining mechanism of the NFTs is one of the innovative highlights the ICPSwap team explores in terms of NFTs. This will also engender more economic value to the ICPSwap ecosystem.

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