How to Create a Chat Room?

You will konw how to create a Chat Room through it.

Step 1

Enter the ICPSwap Beta 2.0:

Click on the Claim ICST and receive the test tokens (ICST).

Step 2

Click on the Chat, enter the password, and enter the page.

Step 3

Click on the Create a Chat Room.

Step 4

Upload the logo, enter the following information, and click Next Step.

Please note: You need to use ICPSwap's Mint Token to release your project tokens and ensure that your account has no less than 500 ICST before you can create a Chat Room.

Step 5

Confirm that your content is correct, click Confirm Pay, enter the password, and pay ICST.

Step 6

You have created a Chat Room,click on the Join Chat Room.

Step 7

Jump to My Chat Room, and you can view your own Chat Room.

Step 8

You can modify your Chat Room info here.

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