How to display your NFTs on Stoic & Plug?

If you use Stoic Wallet or Plug Wallet to connect ICPSwap, your NFT will be displayed on "ICPSwap - Wallet - NFT". How to display your NFTs on Stoic Wallet and Plug wallet?

How to display your NFTs on Stoic Wallet?

1/ Open ICPSwap DApp ( to connect with Stoic Wallet

2/ Open "Wallet" - "NFT" and find the NFT details

3/ Copy the Token ID of the NFT collection, here is "uba53-takor-uwiaa-aaaaa-buabz-uaqca-acvhn-q", open Stoic Wallet (, select "Non Fungible Token" , click the “Add” button

4/ Paste the Token ID, "uba53-takor-uwiaa-aaaaa-buabz-uaqca-acvhn-q", and click the "ADD" button.

Please click the "Reload" button if it's not already displayed.

P.S. The 3 NFT Canisters previously issued by ICPSwap cannot be displayed because Stoic Wallet does not support their storage method, but please don't worry; the NFT exists in the wallet address. You can use Stoic wallet connect ICPSwap to check.

Subsequent releases of NFT Canister have been updated to display NFTs

How to display your NFTs on Plug Wallet?

You need to apply to display NFT in the Plug wallet; please check

After completion, the NFT in your wallet address will be displayed on the Plug extension wallet

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